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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Exhibit, Poetry And Things-To-Still-Look-Forward-To.

There is a new exhibit at the Brookline Town Hall in Brookline Village. Until July 31, 2012, my drawings will be on display alongside works from two other Brookline artists, Evelyn Berde and Luca Ricco. The town hall apparently exhibits works of local artists throughout the year, something I never even knew until fellow BCR member, Peter Stringham suggested I submit my art. Thank you, Peter! And thank you also, Brenda Sullivan, for all the help you provide to make these exhibits happen!

My drawings will be in Room 103, to the left of the main entrance. You can view them during the town hall's opening hours, Mon through Fri, 8.00AM-8.00PM, as long as the room is not in use for a meeting. The other artists have their work in Room 111, to the right of the main entrance, and upstairs (I think). We will hold a reception, Friday June 8, 5.00-7.00PM that I hope you will attend! There will be (non-alcohol) refreshment, and lots of interesting people, I am sure! I am so excited to be in this exhibit because it is my first show in Brookline, the town that I have lived in for the last 9 years, and which has become my "home town" here in the United States.

Some of the illustrations from Magnus and Jenner, a children's book by Brookline-based author, Kim Girard, will be on display for the first time. The book is due to come out soon--practically "any minute now!"--and will feature these drawings and more. Above is "In the Troll Cave," where Jenner checks out the intellectual troll, Magnus's heavy collection of books, and Magnus takes a peek at Jenner's beloved comics. The scene is set below ground, in Magnus's damp burrow by an old bridge in New England. This is right before his journey to...but wait, I'll let you read all about it when the book comes out! Other stuff will also be available, and here is a sample of the merchandise, a t-shirt with a Magnus and Jenner illustration from the book:

Aside from the book illustrations and the exhibit, I have been busy with other projects too. You can check out an illustration I did for a poem, "Man Dies After Sex With Horse," by Jade Sylvan. It is published online as a broadside here  by the journal Amethyst Arsenic edited by Samantha Milowsky (who offered me the assignment. Thank you, Samantha!) I love the poem, it is not what you would expect to read when you hear the title, which refers to an  actual event that probably made a quite a few headlines in the media when it happened. The event actually also led to a change in legislation regarding certain animal "interactions," but that part of the story is not what the poem is about. The poem deals with bigger metaphysical questions regarding human identity and our place in cosmos, timeless questions we as humans never stop thinking about.

Last, but not least: I recently illustrated another story for Troy Minkowsky, "The last Temptation of Hansel and Gretel," which he submitted to a Vancouver-based anthology published by Gurukitty, this time with an alternative-fairy tale theme called "Once Upon a Time." I am happy to say that the story made it to the anthology, which will probably be published later this year! I loved doing these illustrations, because I experimented a little with the frames and background, and was happy with the result. 

And now: back to work, because there is SO MUCH to draw and SO LITTLE time!

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